Pick-up Truck Caps

truck capIt has been washed, waxed, polished and shined. Anyone can recognize a well taken care of truck when they see one and a well taken care of truck deserves a spanking new cap.

The most basic cap is the flat cover. It is the easiest type to remove. Most provide a lock option but allow no extra space and, although they are the cheapest choice, they provide little wiggle room for extra cargo. If someone is looking for an option to provide plenty of extra space in the back of their truck, this is not the right choice. But a simple flat cover may be the ticket for keeping valuables in and snow, rain, and the homeless man looking for a place to sleep, out.

The aluminum caps provide more room than the flat covers and have windows on the sides and back. They are used mostly for work needs and are not very stylish. They are cheaper than fiberglass but cannot be made to fit a certain model of truck, which may result in a lullaby of aluminum rattles coming from the back. However, they are made for heavy use, come with a lock option and are great against various weather conditions without laying down the extra cash. They also provide options like shelving, roof racks and side doors for easy access. Aluminum caps are excellent for more intensive work needs and come with absolutely no worries of scratching because they weren’t that pretty to begin with.

Fiberglass caps require laying down a few more dollars. They can be fitted to any brand of truck so as to provide a snug fit with no rattle or leakage. Also, a fiberglass cap can be painted in any color so it looks as if it was made for the truck. They provide a wider variety of options such as tinted windows for privacy, roof racks for transporting longer obstacles such as canoes, or walk-in doors which are perfect for camping. It is the most stylish choice and also the toughest. They have a lock option and keep anything safe even in tough elements. Another benefit to a fiberglass cap is the space it provides. It has the option to go from a basic flat cover to mid-rise, allowing for a huge amount of storage space to pile to the top without any worry of an echoing “timber!”

The flat cap, aluminum cap and fiberglass cap are the three most known options for pickup trucks and can usually conquer any truck owner’s needs as soon as the cap hits the bed.

Photo credit: andyarthur / Foter.com / CC BY